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A friend of mine from high school is pursuing a dream of hers, and I think it would be great if people checked this out.

Goldman Goes For It

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. – Gail Devers

I am hoping that this blog allows me to turn my dream into a reality. I have set my sites on running across the United States in the spring of 2014. In order to make this happen I need to gather moral and logistical support and funding for a crew and vehicle.

I aspire to break the women’s trans-American run record. (The current record still stands from 1978 at 69 days, 2 hours and 40 minutes by Mavis Hutchinson) I will be running from San Francisco City Hall to NY City Hall averaging between 50 and 60 miles a day.

The first step toward my goal is starting this blog to gather volunteers who can help me organize this event. Please join this adventure and assist with any of the following tasks:

  • Mapping
  • Website design
  • Fundraising  (the event…

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Thankful November, Day 6

So, there’s some thing going on that seems to have everyone busy. So be it.

Today, I want to mention that I’m very thankful for just about every part of my life right now. It’s not perfect, but I have to say that I’m pretty happy. I was talking to a high school student the other day and said that the high school years were nothing like the best years of my life. Frankly, I think that if high school was the best part of your life, you’re doing it wrong, but that’s a different story.

Anyway … there are struggles, and there are even some things I wish I could change, but overall I like my life. A lot of people can’t say that.

Today, more immediately, I’m thankful for the time I got to spend reading and playing with my kids. They’re wonderful, and they make even the rough spots a lot more bearable.

Quote of the Day – November 5, 2012

Laura Knoy, host of NHPR’s “The Exchange”:

“It has been a difficult year for the facts.”


Very, very well said.

Thankful November, Day 5

Having just come from working at a PTA fundraiser, I’m very thankful that my town has such an active and concerned PTA. We are far from the wealthiest town in New Hampshire, and don’t really have a spectacular reputation for our schools or much of anything else. I can see that improving, though, with the hard work and parental involvement.

To be honest, I’m also thankful that the elections will soon be over. This has not been a great year for American politics, and I hope that a little more sanity will come into place once the election is over. At the same time, (at risk of sliding into another “big picture” kind of thing) I do appreciate the rather-unusual privilege that we have in the US to vote for our leaders. I just wish that we did a better job of carrying out that process.

Thankful November, Day 4

Today I was reminded how thankful I should be to live in security and safety. Today, the Sunday School kids had a presentation about our sister church in Haiti For us, the recent earthquake that shook NH was a novelty. In Haiti, it orphaned thousands upon thousands of children. The worst problems I have are nothing compared to the experience of a large part of the world.

More immediately, I’m thankful that my kids are such fans of fruits and vegetables. Sure, they’re getting into their Halloween candy and Eagle has been known to start dinner by asking what’s for dessert … but she loves her apples, grapes, peaches, spinach, kale, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.. Lunch when she gets home from school is often a sandwich, apple, and grapes. Note the lack of chips or anything of that sort.

This is something that could really serve her well in life, and could help all of us if we share it a bit more.

Thankful November, Day 3

In the big scene, I’m very thankful for my parents and my in-laws. My wife and I have great relationships not only with our own parents, but also each other’s. That is certainly not a universal experience, and it’s a wonderful one.

Especially for today, I’m thankful that my kids are having a great time playing with balloons and singing along with music. As I’m writing this, it’s Sandra Boynton’s “Philadelphia Chickens.” In any case, they’re dancing happily and playing.

I’m hitting “Publish” and joining them, now … “Like a Duck!”

Thankful November, Day 2

Although my first point is my big point, it is brought on by an immediate conversation. Yesterday I spoke to someone who had just been diagnosed with cancer. I don’t know what form or how bad it is, but it reminds me how thankful I am that my family is basically free of major illnesses. I know people who are dealing with all kinds of situations. A friend of mine from high school has been in the hospital for about three years, and another friend from high school who is expected to pass away soon. My brothers, their kids, my parents, and my own wife and kids are all generally okay, though. I really should be more aware of what a gift that is.

More immediately, I’m thankful that Eagle loves school so much and that my son (3 years old) is handling it all so well. The two of them, and also my 9-month old, somewhat, love to have me read to them. It’s such a joy compared to parents who have to work at it. The simple fact is that life is good.


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