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“But he lies and says mean things.”

November 11, 2016

This morning, I picked my kids up from their grandparents’ home, where they’ve been for a couple of days.

When we got home, I talked about the election. My 9-year-old daughter began crying and asked how people could vote for Donald Trump, saying, “But he lies and says mean things about people.”

She’s right. He does.

I know that the convention is to say that we have to come together, unite, and give the newly-elected President a chance and all of that. But, this is different. His stated purposes included a lot of bigotry and division. That doesn’t go away.

He ran his campaign on deriding Mexicans, Muslims, the poor, and anyone else if it helped him make his case to white voters.

As a white man, I don’t now get to pretend that that doesn’t matter.

My daughter is right. We just elected a bully to the Oval Office. We tell our kids “Don’t be a bully; be a buddy.” We tell them not just to be bystanders and pretend it’s not happening, but to get involved and support the people being bullied. I don’t see why that changes when we’re taller than we used to be.

So, here we are. The term of office for the first black President is about to come to an end, and then we’re going to get an openly-bigoted one. I’m going to be a buddy.

Thank you.


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